Media Production - Specialist in Sports Broadcast Production


Welcome to my website, an opportunity to share my work and passion for sports media. As much as I love sports, I also have the creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit with an eye for digital media and television production in all genres. I aim to create an immersive experience within the world of sports. Being able to bring new light to athletes is my ultimate goal. I won a LoneStar Emmy under Mean Green Productions for my camera work. For the 2021 NFL Season, I had the privilege to work for the Dallas Cowboys in TV Production. On the live event side, I've done in-house production work with the Allen Americans and The World Series Champions, The Texas Rangers. Now, I work full-time as a production assistant at ESPN.       

What to Expect

Everything on my website is what I've previously done with the Dallas Cowboys and Mean Green Productions. I have worked on a multitude of Dallas Cowboys shows with many different responsibilities. However, that's what makes me worthwhile.  What you'll see in the following pages include sports highlights of my editing, live TV graphics, camera work, and other elements that show my passion and creativity for sports media. The last two pages revolve around my podcast and still graphic portfolio. 

Below you'll find multiple video players with broadcasts I've worked on. Each video player contains a playlist in the upper right hand corner to see more in that category. 

Here is a comprehensive playlist of things I've worked on 

*note: some videos are long due to the event*

Here are some of the highlights I created for SportsCenter! 

These highlights each have their own story. Every game has a story. The challenge is to pick the story that resonates with the audience in one minute. Sometimes, the highlight of the game isn't even the game itself. Through creativity and collaboration, these are my highlights that came to life. 

Next up: Editing! In these videos, I've either edited a highlight package or edited together broll packs for large scale shows. 

The "Cowbites" were small bits from multiple podcasts, I picked the prominent sound bites and created a teaser. 

Next we have my camera work. For Cowboys footage, I would have been on one studio cam. 

For UNT game footage, I was often on the main camera. 

Finally, live tv/streaming graphics. This includes things as simple as lower thirds, stat pops, and schedules. 

For "Cowbites" , I transcribed the audio and created captions.